Hi! My name is Reed, and yoga is my passion.

Why yoga? In short – yoga has brought me out of the deepest, darkest place I have ever been in my life. I was stagnating, crippled by fear, anxiety, and an intense self-loathing. I was, and still am, an addict. When I was lost, yoga found me. Yoga picked me up, put me on my feet, and invited me to try again. It taught me my power, vibrance, and love were never lost. Just hidden. It taught me that I, and everyone else, is whole. It taught me to see myself for who I am – bigger and brighter than all the lies I told myself. That is why yoga is my passion.

Yoga changed my life. Not just the asanas, but the totality of yoga – the spiritual practice, ethics, and the rich philosophy. I know the power of yoga – I’ve lived it! That is why I am committed to a life-long goal of learning, teaching, and spreading yoga.